Hiyyaa Lovess…

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Sup Homies,

Velcome to my 1st blog post!

What is this I have stumbled across you ask yourself… well in truth im not even that sure. I kind of intend for this little corner of the internet to be an area for rambling… mainly about beauty, skin care, make up and crap of that nature but also about my other passion (what a cliché word but fitting here) Horses!…

O how rude I’ve not introduced myself (clearly need to improve on this blog structuring shiz).. Im Aby, Dib-dabss to some Flab-a-gail to other. Im 24, female, 5ft4 and wear a size 5 shoe! I have an ever-increasing obsession, my Dad would call it a sickness, for all things make up, beauty, skin care and the like. Some collect stamps I collect make up. Some put 1 or 2 products on their face at night I put 6! Im forever on the hunt for a cure from hormonal spots (F**k you chin spots) and im a sucker for a nude lip colour ahh the beige’s!

However.. I also have another love… Allow me to introduce you to the man in my life…hes charming, exceedingly good looking (to me anyway) he’s covered in ginger hair and his names Arthur! He’s my horse! 😉

I’ve had Arthur for nearly a year and a half now and hes A-mazing! I literally worship the ground his hoves walk on! Hes ma man! He’ll be popping up on here from time to time as im’a loves him and this space will be about the tings I be lovin. 🙂

As well as this written blog I also intend to do a youtube channel so watch out for clips of me getting tongue tied and looking a fool ON CAMERA while professing my love for an eyeshadow or moisturiser… **Excited**

So in summary this will be a beauty and pony blog… eclectic mix but any who!… introductions over and Welcome to my blog… let the Make-up swooning commence.

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  1. Bec
    September 15, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    Love you!!! You must, must, must do a YouTube channel! I kid u not people, this girl should be a comedian, you shall be addicted to her posts/videos. (You light up the room. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, are so thoughtful, kind, funny and generous. If I’m ever feeling a bit low I always think of u and that makes me smile. You shall be a fantastic Auntie!) Hope this blog does amazing xxx

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