The Tale of a Beauty Procrastinator

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My names Aby and Im a serial procrastinator!… and what does a serial procrastinator with an unhealthy fetish for beauty products and make up do… We browse online beauty shops and blog sites obs!

Youtube aside (which is a whole other obsession) if I’m found at a computer or alone with ones Ipad with nothing to really do i will most defs be surfing the web (get me with cool kid tech speak 😉 for new skin care and make up releases.

My first port of call would be BlogLovin. This is essentially a collection of my fave blogs. You ‘Follow’ which ever blogs you most enjoy the content of, mine is clearly going to be beauty blogs, but i also follow a couple of health and gym type ones too (and i’ll probs read those while noshing a cake… Ooo rebel and ill fool myself with “the diet can start tomorrow” FYI Tomorrow never comes *Antony (my personal trainer) i know you’re reading this please don’t punish me in the gym on Monday*)

But this is were i get my inital “Ooo i must have that product shes raving about” or “Ooo look new things, must try” Its basically where my inner magpie comes out! I love me a ramble about beauty and i love to hear other peoples rambles about beauty too and BlogLovin is an ideal place to get my fix.

My fave blogs would probs be

  • Vivianna Does Makeup – I blame her for my recent obsession with marble and my overflowing collection of bronze eye products
  • Caroline Hirons – The undisputed QUEEN of skincare
  • The Sunday Girl – Just a joy to read and you really trust what she says.

Once ive got my inspiration from the above i then get “The Itch”… the need to get new stuff! This is of course followed by the voice in ones head saying “Abs you know you dont need that cleanser, you currently have  6 on the go as we speak” but this is swiftly and efficiently crushed by “but you deserve it, go on treat yourself….” or in the case of make up “but its so pwetty, i dont have anything like it in my collection” (which we all know is a down right LIE.. i probs have 3 exceedingly similar shades already BUT WHO CARES! Its makeup and i NEED MORE)

And where do I head to in order to get said fix? Either Cult Beauty or Feel Unique are my homies!

Feel Unique is the place I go for more everyday things, the highstreet online if you will. It is a mecka for all things haircare, skin care, makeup, brushes, and body products. You name it Feel Unique will sell it and ill probably want it.

And then there’s Cult Beauty My Shangri La. My true love. (Insert drooly emoji) This is where i go to for THE SKINCARE. They have ALL THE GOOD STUFF. New luxury brands, organic skincare, hard to find U.S. make up brands, its THE PLACE TO SHOP. I could quiet easily spend my entire lifes savings here…. id have no home but beautiful skin.

You feels me right.. No? Just me? Alrightty then 🙂

And thus concludes the tale of the beauty procrastinator… she lived happily ever after smiling like a demented weirdo at her lipstick and blush collections.


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