I Love Me a Peachy Blush


Last Saturday I found myself in my local shopping centre trying to cheer myself up. And how do I cheer myself up? With makeup of course silly.

Items were purchased. I felt better.

I then went home, unboxed said purchases and swooned unapologeticly. This little beauty was one of those said purchases. The Urban Decay Afterglow 8 hour Powder Blush in Indecent  P1000018Now I’ve not tried much from Urban Decay apart from their signature Naked Pallets and of course their Setting Spray and Concealer *so after writing that it would appear I have actually tried quite a few items.. who knew ayy* howevaa I had not tried any of their blushes until now and this one has seriously impressed me!

Its a matte with a peachy tone that pecks my pale-ish complexion up nicely. *I love me a peachy tone!* Its a joy to wear and apply as its got just the right amount of pigment to it, not too much not too little, like the Goldie Locks of blushers if you will. It doesn’t settle into pores or look cakey throughout the day and it has epic staying power. I usually apply my make up at about 7:30 in the morning and generally don’t get time to top up throughout the day but this bad boy looked near identical at 6pm that night. It promises 8 hour wear but it defo stays longer.P1000036

One things for sure, I will fo-shore be trying more Urban Decay stuff in the future as this might just be my fave blusher of the moment *dont worry, me being the fickle little bugger I am Im sure there will be another coming along shortly no doubt* but until then this is my go to blusher! *Me Love*

Know of any other good blushes I should try… Holla and hook a girl up.


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