The Tale of a Pony Procrastinator

I recently did a post titled “The Tale of a Beauty Procrastinator” about how I get my beauty fix. As im sure you’re aware now I’ve got a bit of an addiction to all things beauty… but the addiction doesn’t stop there. I love me a bit of pony procrastination too. Some days I’ll stalk the beauty websites and some days I’ll stalk the pony websites dependent on what mood I’m in!

Foot of the athlete in a stirrup astride a horseToday is a pony day and I thought I’d let you in on my fave places I gravitate to if I fancy a bit of horsey-ness (dictionary classic there) generally at half 8 at night aka p
rime procrastination time! (God Abs how many times are you going to say the word procrastination…. Maybe once more… Procrastination #Rebel)

First up is the horsey holy grail…  Horse and H&HHound. Every horse lover worth their salt will have had, at some point in their life, a subscription to Horse and Hound! Thursdays are made a whole lot better when a shiny new H&H drops on your doorstep! It’s the horse world’s equivalent to Vogue! Now as the times have-a changed so has H&H and they now offer up a stella online offering too where you can get the latest news and stories on the horse world as well a great selection of blogs and opinion pieces! They now have a subscription section called H&H VIP and at just £30.99 for an yearly pass to exclusive content and write ups you really can’t go wrong… after all everyone wants to be in the VIP section don’t they!

Horse heroTalking of subscription based services once I’ve perused the mother ship aka Horse and Hound I then scuttle on over to Horse Hero.. a horse lovers heaven. This is what it would be like if we took over Youtube, neigh the world (pun intended)! They have brilliant video content from top riders showing you insights into how they look after and train their horses and on occasion their pupils too, I really can’t get enough. On top of great video content you get an awesome line up of blog pieces as well! It’s the place I go to when I want to drool over beautifully trained horses and watch the masters at work, but you can also take away great little snippets to use with your own horse and improve your own riding too. Well worth £4.50 a month.

I’d highly recommend a smooch on over to both of the above for 5 minutes, who am I kidding an hour, of total horse immersion. And of course there’s the horsey shopping which is a whole other blog post on its own.

Know of any other places I can get my pony fix holla and hook a girl up!


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