Weekend Shenanigans…

Happy weekend with flowers

Happy weekend flowers and message on reflective surface,

Well my weekend consisted of a lot of this guy!… which meant it was, as my good friend Tony would say ‘Greeeeaaaaat’ (hello nineties Frosties lovin kids) IMG_4955

What did I get up to? Well firstly on Saturday I went for a lesson with my one of a kind, absolutely epic, superwomen of a riding instructor Danni Cumo. I love my lessons with Danni she is simply the best instructor on this planet (Full F**kin Stop) She knows me inside out and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me!.. She’s improved my riding and confidence tenfold and shes just AMAZING!

Now I’m sure this happens to lots of people every now and then but I’ve sort of fallen into a bit of a funk lately with my riding, and this lesson was just what I needed to kick me back into gear and get me going again. We did a bit of work on getting Arthur rounder, slowing the front end and quickening the back end at the same time and then we finished with a bit of a jump and a little course including a skinny I literally didn’t think I would fit through.

It was just what I needed to get me going again!

Then on Sunday morning me skin and blister (sister) came down the yard with me and we had a little ride round the field and popped a little jump!

I just love this horse more than words can explain! He’s a true legend!

After our little ride we had another visit from Sarah Coppin, aka The Horse Whisperer. She is basically an animal interpreter and communicator. Now I know lots of people don’t believe in this stuff but after having her visit me before (where she knew nothing about me or my horse) she said a few things that no one would know and a few things that turned out to be true. It was spooky how she knew certain things and I really enjoyed her visit. I would highly recommend her but understand that some people don’t believe in this type of thing, each to their own I suppose.

All in all it was a great weekend…. Hope you had a good one too 😉


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