Brush Cleaner Review: Dr Bronners Magic Soap

Washing my brushes is something I don’t dislike doing but I don’t love doing either…. It’s a bit of a mehhh chore tbh. However it’s one of those things I love the end result of ‘Hello beautiful soft clean brushes’ and of course one of those things that needs doing on a reg basis so my brushes don’t go skanky and germ infested *Nice* So when a product waltz’s in and makes washing my brushers quicker and much easier im all over that bad boy.

brown make-up brushes isolated on white background

Say hello to Dr Bronners 18-1 Unscented Baby Mild Pure Castile Magic Soap. *Geeze that’s a mouthful* Now this is a recent purchase of mine which I stumbled across in TK MAX…. who knew they did discount makeup and skin care (and good stuff at that) not me, that’s who. Any who (whats with all the who’s, is this Whoville *I digress*) while waiting for the boyf to do his shopping I found this bad boy and though why not! It says it has 18 different uses?

So let’s set the scene, its Sunday night. Im watching you tube vids *as always* I notice that the brushes in the video look nice and think ‘maybe i should give mine a clean cus they’re starting to look a bit mehhh.’ So I gather them up and we convene in the bathroom *youtube vid still on obs* Now I usually use hand soap and conditioner when giving my brushes a good cleanse/ anti germ treatment but thought id try the new kid in town this time and see If Dr Bronners soap really is magic. And man did this do a good job. It foamed up nicely removing even hard to shift foundation and black eyeshadow stains. It rinsed away easily taking all trace of dirt and makeup with it and leaving my brushes like new… like magic! *Result*

Now I always use a conditioner on my brushes after cleansing no matter what brush cleaner I use and I would say that this step is defiantly important if using this soap as it isn’t moisturising at all, and if left alone might dry them out slightly, but other than that I would highly recommend this for brush cleaning. IT WAS EPIC. I recon the bottle will last me ages as well as I barely used any and I must have cleaned about 20 brushes in total. Good going ay.

Hello Dr Bronners Magic Soap, you are now my new brush cleaning staple! Welcome to the Fam!


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