No Thankyou Knots

Hair Brush with Tangled Hair.

When it comes to hair care I’m a 5 minuet girl. I will happily spend a good 45 minutes even an hour on skincare and makeup application in the morning, but for hair, I’ll usually either sling it into a pony tail or run the straighteners through it quickly and be done! You might say my hair is neglected.. just like my boyfriend or so he bloody well professes.

I actually find doing my hair a bit of a chore hence why it looks a bit shocking 90% of the time! Howevvaa this cheeky chipmunk has snuck in and made brushing out them ghastly knots almost painless, quickening the process at the same time and to top it off its only 99p *WINNING*P1000094

And what wonder product might that be? Miraculous Leave in Conditioning Spray by Carino. An Aussie brand purchased from none other than good old Aldi.

Now I won’t lie I was a bit snobby towards Audi products at first but thought for 99p what have I got to loose (we’ll id loose 99p but I like to walk on the wild side of life)

And the verdict? EPIC! It smells lush, doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it feel greasy. I apply it to towel tried, freshly washed hair and it almost dissolves my knots. It’s made brushing my hair super easy and I’ve been known to go a good 2 days without brushing and just shove it in a bun or pony tail! *Classy Bird*

It’s not a game changer in the moisture department, but as a detangler is up there with some of the more premium brands and you get this smug little *hell yea I just saved money and got an epic product* kinda feeling when you use it! My Dad would be proud!

The only gripe I have with this is the packaging. It gets deformed the more you use it. By that I mean the pump sucks the walls of the packaging in but a quick release of the lid and a squeeze of the tube sorts that out and for 99p I expect something to be a bit iffy.

Overall it’s a great product. Next time you’re around an Aldi I highly recommend you grab yo self a bottle of this, you will not be disappointed!


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