October round up!

Hello Autumn. Well! What a jam packed couple of weeks I’ve had!  October has been FULL ON! In the best possible way .. now just to warn you this is guna be a long post so grab a bev-a-chinio and be prepared for a ramble!

Autumn Leave

Firstly Arth had a photoshoot OF THE NAKED VARIETY! Yea you heard right, my horse took part in a naked photo shoot. All in aid of charity of course.IMG_5512 (1)

My friend Clare is raising money for CLIC Sargent again and asked if Arth could be the equine addition to one of their Christmas cards. I dually checked Arthurs schedule (he’s a busy boy you know) and luckily he was free on the weekend she wanted to shoot it. So one early and chilly morning *wink wink* naked people arrived at my yard to take photo’s with my horse *never thought I’d write that sentence*

There were boobs, bums and biceps on show, Arth was a true professional (well when isn’t he 😉 and she got the shots she needed for the cards so when they’re released you’ll be hearing about where you can buy them!

The following weekend I nipped off for a weekend away in Strafford upon Avon with the boyf, Paul, for our anniversary/ jaunt away! The hotel we stayed at was a beautiful house on the outside but a bit weird on the inside. Think big stately fireplaces… down tiny corridors? But we chilled out, lunched and shopped so it was a lovely weekend.unnamed

I dangerously discovered Space NK and man THIS PLACE IS MY HEAVEN! Think Luxury skin care, select make up brands and beaut hair care and fragrance! I could live there *money was spent, products were purchased, I was happy* #ShallowBeautyAddictedGirl Ive since visited another Space nk… and might have…just might have purchased some more bits.. so expect lots of product rambles in the near future!

Then the weekend after this me and Arth accompanied our friend Michelle and her lovely boy Henry to our favourite local venue Hargate equestrian centre for a spot of dressage. We had a fab time and both came home with blue rosettes #YayyForUs. I did Prelim 17 and came out IMG_5573with just over 61%  even though I went the wrong way half way through the test. *Pilot Error..shes blonde* But we got some lovely comments from the Judge so I was really pleased.

We were back and unpacked at the yard for 1 o’clock so I though.. ‘Its that time of year, I think I’ll clip Arthur, got nothing else to do for the rest of the day’ (FYI clipping a horse is basically that same as sending your dog to the groomers)

FullSizeRender (10)

`Now I’d never actuallllyyy clipped a horse myself before but thought how hard could it be… *Big Mistake* turns out VERY hard. I am useless at clipping. Arthur on the other hand was fantastic, didn’t bat an eyelid and just looked at me like “Mummy what are you trying to do to me, cus that’s defiantly not what clipping should look like” Lets just say its not my forte and he was rather ‘Liney akin to a zebra’ Thankfully Helena our yard owner was on hand and swiftly rectified the situation. Its safe to say I won’t be doing that again.

We then got the brilliant news that Becca, Paul sister, had safely delivered her beautiful baby daughter. Welcome to the world gorgeous Lana! Major well done to Bec and Kev on making such a special baby! She’s pure perfection from head to toe! Literally THE cutest thing I’ve EVER seen! … *Wink Wink pony for you soon, Arthur would like a miniature friend to play with* Just kidding (or am i?)

FullSizeRender (12)

And then finally this weekend just gone Me, Paul & a couple of our friends Piers and Kate went to London for the weekend. We had a brilliant time shopping, lunching, going to Madam Tausauds (because OMF&G they now have a Zoella wax work #Girlcrush), on the London eye and for drinks at the top of the Shard *very swanky*… but of course followed that up by with a Maccys for dinner to keep dat shiz real!

All in all October has been a steller month and now it’s the countdown to my birthday and Christmas! *Yes I am that annoying person who wants it to start AS SOON AS POSSIBLE*

In the meantime get ready for some makeup and skincare rambles!

IMG_5634 IMG_5606IMG_5614


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