THE Glow Giver! *Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet Review*

P1000378Pallets! Im a sucker for them! I LOVE to collect them and lately ive been having a real pallet moment, like serious issues with the pallet purchasing, and I may have gone a bit over board *Nonsense Abigail there is no such thing when discussing makeup, CHECK YO SELF GIRL*

Say hello to Hourglass! These guys have got powders NAILED! I mean seriously nailed!

Epic Setting Powder- TICK

Gentle but fan-taby dosey highlights- TICK

Bronzers- TICK

One of a kind blushes that aren’t really blushers but I use them as blushers- TICK!

What they do better than ANY brand out there is GLOW like serious lit from within goddess type glow!

Pray do tell what particular product has got me all flustered I hear you say..  the one, the only Ambient Lighting pallet *SWOON Isnt it Pwetty*P1000391

Let me explain!

Upon my virgin visit to Space NK recently I spied the Hourglass stand and tootled on over *more like made a beeline for it* as I’d herd good things about Hourglass but never tried any of their products myself.

*Well….WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?… WASTING IT THAT’S WHAT* How had I let these fantastic powders evade me all these years? They are sensational! I mean, I used this pallet for well over a week NON STOP. The same products EVER DAY, that is unheard of for me!.. im a swapper, a changer, a mixer upper. I stick to the motto ‘Variety is the spice of Life’… and life’s too short to wear the same blusher/ eye combo twice in a row.. you feel me? *No just me then* But the lovelyness that is this pallet had me reaching for it NON STOP and still I reach for it on a near daily basis thus inducting it in my hall of fame! IMG_5742

Now Lets talk the nitty gritty, the hard facts, the info!

There are 3 powders in this palette (from left to right) Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light. Dim and Radiant Light are available in the single, full size’s but Incandescent Light is exclusive to this pallet only. Each pan is so unique and beautiful it’s hard to describe them but I’d say Incandescent Light is a pinky toned pearl, ideal for highlighter or to dust over the entire face for that ‘Im an angle I shine from within’ glow. Dim Light has a gentle peachy/ golden tone to it and Radiant Light has a champagne’y beige tone to it. I mix Dim and Radiant Light together to create this beautiful blush that just makes the cheeks look flawless. Man these guys give the glow and not in a Superdrug frosted kinda way, these just give a very subtle but high end ‘yea I look fabulous’ ‘I wake up like this every day’ ‘Holy Jesus my cheeks look fabulous’ kinda vibe as demonstrated to my right *Yea i take a mean picture!*

I could rave about this pallet ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY its that beautiful! Angels made this pallet FACT! You can grab it here and if glow is yo thing you NEED this in your life!

Thus concludes my love letter, Hourglass I love you!


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