Hello Hydration *Pixi H2O Skindrink Review*

I recently read Sali Hughes’ book ‘Pretty Honest’ and it was a game changer for me! Its revolutionised how I class my skin ie oily/ dry/combination ect and subsequently how I look after it and what products I choose. Now I used to think I’d got combination skin as it was prone to blemishes but since reading Sali’s book, particularly the ‘What’s Your Skin Type’ chapter, I’ve started classing my skin as dehydrated/ dry and have been targeting my products accordingly and man have I noticed a difference. My fine lines have improved, my skin feels plumper, more comfortable and my makeup lasts longer. *Halleluiah*

Since my re-direction if you will, I’ve been searching for products that offer hydration but in a more gel like formula rather than heavy creams and oils as I still have a tendency to get congested *God damn life’s complicated.. First World problems*

One of the products that has helped me no end though is the H2O Skindrink from Pixis new Skintreats line.


This is a LUSH gel that deeply hydrates your skin immediately on application. It’s like a big o’l glass of hydration to da face which instantly absorbs into the skin reliving tightness and discomfort while gently calming and soothing. It sinks in quickly leaving no greasy trace of product, ideal for applying makeup immediately over the top. It keeps my skin feeling comfortable throughout the day, prolongs make up wear time and is enriched with green tea, aloe vera and rosemary to protect & heal. *Bonus* I apply it at the serum stage in my skincare routine morning and night and If you have dry or dehydrated skin I would highly HIGHLY recommend this. I prefer it over Chanels Hydra Beauty Micro Serum which is very similar but doesn’t offer as much hydration or feel as nice to apply i think. With Chanel’s costing £66 and the Pixi one costing £24 it’s a no brainer. I will fo shore be repurchasing this asap as ive just finished a whole god damn tube. I’d even recommend this to oily gals who need hydration but don’t want heavy oil laden creams. Its lush *ME LOVES*

Grab it here…


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