The Best Base Applicator!

Its no secret that I watch A LOT of youtube! I’ve practically stopped watching TV now and I’d have no idea if Aliens took over the planet until they knocked on my door as I don’t watch the news anymore *I can almost hear my brain cells dying* but what I can tell you is who’s just uploaded a new haul or tutorial video.. *Life Priorities*

I’m a sucker for a good tutorial, everything from a smokey eye to an everyday look, I’ll watch um all, and like the above mentioned aliens one small roundish object seems to have invaded nearly every tutorial I’ve watched…Beauty sponges. Im not talking about those triangle sponges we all used to buy from Boots that seemed to just drink the foundation rather than put in on your face. No no no these are purpose bred kings of base application. The big kidy in town would of course be the Beauty Blender. Every man and their dog seems to have one of these handy when applying their base of choice but my favorite would be the rarely mentioned Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I much prefer the shape of the Real Techniques, it fits perfectly under my eyes for concealer and the flat section is ideal for base blending. I find the Beauty Blender a bit small and too pointy if I’m honest and with the Real Techniques being nearly a third of the price compared to the Beauty Blender, its a no brainer *Winning*

sponge 3

As you can see mines been well used and looks a bit battered hence the replacement but I usually apply my foundation with a dense brush first, then slap on my concealer to the areas I want a bit more coverage and use the sponge to blend that in. I finish by bopping it all over as a finishing touch to ensure everything is beautifully blended together and Jesus Mary & Joseph has this revolutionised the overall finish of my base. It evens product distribution out perfectly so there’s no cakey patches and it creates as close to a flawless base as possible. The trick is to use it damp. I wash mine every morning with anti bac hand soap, rinse it under the tap then ring out the excess water in a towel. It’s so easy to use as it does all the blending work for you, you literally just have to bop it over your face and be done!

I could not be without this bad boy now & I’m so glad its invaded my life! Little alien sponge you can stay forever!

You can grab one here… 



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