Hello 2016

New YearFirstly prepare yourself for a massively clichéd statement but WHERE HAS TIME GONE AND HOW IS IT 20- BLOODY- 16 ALREADY? If feels like I’ve just recovered from 2015’s new year’s eve hangover not just welcomed in 2016? But what a great year 2015 was! Now Im not going to lie, there were some crappy bits but on the whole 2015 was a great year! I did loads of stuff with Arthur, like a shed load of lessons & clinics, some brill competing with friends and a weekend at camp. On the whole I feel that my riding has certainly improved. I just love my boy SO GOD DARN MUCH and lets face it any time spent with that Ginger god is good time in my book, so I look forward spending more of 2016 with him and I have some exciting things planned for us which I will of course document on here. Most of all though Im just looking forward to being with him, he’s like chicken soup for the soul… except he’s a horse.. so he’s better than chicken soup.

On the beauty front I feel I really FOUND my love of all things skincare and make up in 2015 and thus started this blog… my aim this year is to continue loving it *easyyy* but maybe in a more reasonable manor and not just a *SEE ALL THE PRODUCTS BUY ALL THE PRODUCTS* kind of way, but in a more thoughtful testing and reporting on what I truly love kind of way. *I can hear my bank balance thanking me all ready*

So in true optimistic style let be havin you 2016… YOU WILL BE A GOOD ONE!

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