Dem brows…

BrowsI don’t know what it is about brows but when ive not got my brows on i feel like l’ve not got my bitch game on. I wouldn’t say I feel naked without them, but I defiantly feel like I don’t have my shit together and don’t feel like I can tackle the world in quiet the same way.  No brows = no bad ass bitch game! And I wana feel like like a bad ass bitch on the daily! FOR SURE!

Set the scene right I recently went away for the weekend with the skin and blister (sister) and cus were lazy lizards who also like breakfast we had a lie in and then rushed down 30 mins before closing meaning I didn’t have time to finish my face before heading down.

This meant no eyebrows.

It felt weird. I did not have my bitch game on. My shit was not together. I went straight back to our room to finish… well after breakfast of course, a girls gota eat 😉

Now like most girls who grew up in the 00’s I massacred my brows, over plucking and over waxing until about 2 years ago when I discovered HD brows. Having this specialist brow procedure done where they personalise the brow shape to your face meaning no run of the mill set template type shape. These are designed to fit your face and yours only. No two brows are the (1)

Once the shape has been decided they then wax, tweeze, trim, tint and thread them accordingly to get your perfect brows. Achieving the perfect fullness might take some time, if like me you had massacred you brows previously, so do allow some time as growth might be required to get them perfect but HD has completely revolutionized my brows and thus my face and I’m so happy with them now. Id highly recommend HD to anyone as brows are so important, they can completely alter your face and you should 100% leave them to the professionals, but the proper professionals not a wax bar at your local nail salon. #JustSayin

When selecting the products I use to finalise my brows, ie brow makeup, I have two requirements… longevity and cool toned! Aint nobody got time for patchy orange eyebrows, and after quiet the search I think ive found my fail safe duo!

Firstly I start with Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe to shape and deepen them. This bad boy is a perfect colour for me, it has a really natural grey undertone but doesn’t make my brows too dark. It’s a great match for me and lasts agggesss, like the whole live long day. The small nib is great for those not blessed with big brows,  aka the dream, as you to create a really sharp precise shape to your brows, the built in spooley then allows you to soften them to your liking. There are many cheaper imitators out there for this product, and lots of them work well, by this is by far the best and the and defiantly worth the raves it receives!P1020010

Once I’ve perfected the shape and depth I then set them in place with Benefits Gimme Brow in Light/Medium. This is the perfect final touch that fills in those last little sparse gaps and sets them in place for the whole day but still keeps things looking natural. After all nobody wants to look drawn on. The teeny tiny brush is also a game changer as those large mascara type wands on other brow gels just end up leaving product half way up my forehead *Skinny Brow Problems*

This duo, along with my HD, are ace and keep my brows looking on point so that bad ass bitch game is strong all the live long day. *WINNING*

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