Happy Birthday Arthur

Birthday cake



Today marks a special day for a special someone… ITS ARTHURS BIRTHDAY! Firstly Happy birthday beautiful boy. Arth is now the grand age of 14, I brought him when he had just turned 12 so I’ve had him a smidge over 2 years now *OMG how time has flown*  but it was the best decision I’ve ever made.2107_0073

Before Arth I was a very nervous rider, id over think everything….. Lemme set the scene of a normal schooling session and what it would go like in my head….

“Right Abs you’re going to ask for canter in the corner of the school” .. “but what if I ask for canter, my horse spooks, I fall off but my leg gets caught in the stirrup and i proceed to get dragged at full pelt round the whole school where I will eventually get kicked in the head and DIE”…. And this was just canter… in the school, heaven forbid me try and tackle a jump! But that was me, a serial over thinker, it was exhausting.11245798_10155424412490391_3998280416267417181_n

I suppose my fears were mainly linked to the fact that I was always slightly over-horsed. My previous mounts, as much as I loved them dearly, were always a bit too much for me and I’ve never really clicked with any of my other horses like I have with Arthur. As silly as this sounds to some people, but with Arth I have a different bond. Its so strong, I trust him completely. I know he has no malice in him, don’t get me wrong sometimes he’ll be a bit excited or cheeky, but I trust him not to be like “Oi bitch you’re coming off NOW and I’ll dump you in this lush pile of stingers for good measure.” No, I know that’s not Arthur. He’s a good egg. Like when I’ve got it wrong at a jump *so that’s a LOT of times then* and I’ve been halfway down his shoulder nearly falling off I swear he’s shrugged me back into place like “up you get mum, I’ve got you” He looks after me and because of that my confidence has grown loads and we’ve achieved and done so much together, like my first solo cross county round *where upon completion i balled my eyes out because i was so proud of us.* I feel like I’ve become a better rider and I really want to carry on improving… for him. He makes me want to get better.


We’re a team me and Arth and I love him more than words can express. So happy birthday my beautiful boy! May this be one of many many more to come…


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