New Series…. I’ve been LOVING…

Say hello to my new series, Go to Grabs or Abs Grabs, Im not too sure what im going to call this series yet but its basically a round up of my most reached for skincare, makeup and favorites. The stuff ive been loving lately and reaching for a ton! A bit like monthly favorites… but maybe thrown at ya mid month not just at the end of the month, or maybe twice  month… *Cheeky* we’ll see how we go.


So without further ado lets kick this shiz off..

O.P.I’s Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Le’me start by saying I LOVE SHELLAC. Towards the end of last year I discovered this godsend of a nail lacquer and would go religiously every two weeks for a re-do. My nails never chipped and initially I felt like they were getting stronger and strong… I loved it. Howeverrr after a while I started getting a few breakages here and there, generally on my ring fingers *probably due to excessive keyboard time at work* and then I got a few deep down the nail bed breakages… these were painful…and annoying, so I decided to give my nails a bit of rest. It was a sad day L  Since then ive been trying out this nail strengthener and the effects were nearly immediate. I use it on either bare nails or as base and top coat alongside normal paint, following with another layer as top coat a few days later as instructed. I can defiantly see a difference, its strengthened and reinforced my nails and as they’ve have grown they have defiantly been breaking less and feeling much healthier.  Winner winner chicken dinner.

Facial mists.

Set the scene, its 3pm, im coming down from my lunch time high and feeling lethargic. Sprits me with a refreshing mist and BOOM im awake and off again. I keep a couple at my desk now, one to wake me up and another for when I start to feel as if my skin is shrivelling up and drying out. *dry skin girls yo’ll feels me on this one* I currently have Avene Eau Thermal Spring water to wake me up and Tata Harpers Hydrating Floral mist to re hydrate me  *2 sprays.. High maintenance much* LOVES

Balmy gel Cleansers

Ive been gravitating towards these types of cleansers recently, I duno why, probs because it’s been so cold and I feel I need a bit more moisture and don’t want harsher cleaners but ive been loving more hydrating formulas at the moment. Ive just finished a rather large sample pot of Ole Henriksen’s Pure Truth Melting 3 in 1 Cleanser which I LOVED. This had a more thick gel consistency rather than a balm but it left my skin GLOWING and nourished, it was delicious. Ahhh man just thinking about this makes me want to purchase the full size *sneaks off to purchase full size* Ive also been using Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing gel, which is probably the most hyped about product in existence. It’s nice but if I were to choose between the two id pick the Ole Henriksen one.

And that’s my picks… I wonder what will make it into the next one.


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