Less is more.. Kinda


In a recent bid to improve my skin I’ve been testing out a theory *Oo mystical… prey do tell what is this theory*

Less in more… ie wearing less foundation/base/heavy creams/ primers ect ect

Now as foundation is my favourite of all the make-up’s… I mean I’ve always got space for another foundation or concealer in my collection *let’s not kid ourselves Abigail you’ve always got space for anything labelled make up in your collection*… so cutting back on the base application in the mornings has been hard “cus its all about dat base, bout dat base..ba da da” *shakes head in shame* but I’ve defiantly noticed that putting less on my face for the majority of the week*ie whole at work* has helped my skin. It’s more even, clearer and im not getting as many break outs *yayy for dat*

Don’t get me wrong for evenings out and weekends I still go FULL ON GLOW, “hello I woke up like this” kinda makeup vibes so ive not sapped ALL the joy out of it but the majority of the time ive eased back on the base. Note the eased back statement… I’ve not gone completely without…HELLO I still have to interact with people and don’t exactly enjoy the thought of children screaming and running from me in the street because I’ve dared to venture out sans makeup…Oh no no no… but what I have been doing is relying purely on concealer in only the areas I need it most, like them hella eye bags, my areas of redness or those pesky spot scares that are like an ‘I WOZ HERE’ sign on my jaw. *Nice, thanks mother nature (Cough.. bitch ..Cough)*

Now If im just going to be wearing concealer and nothing else base wise then that concealer better be working betch, like seriously holding the fort ALONE kinda working and that means having a high pigment. Let me elaborate, when I go light on application I like to go heavy on pigment.. if ya gets me. That whole less but more kinda vibes *you probably made absolutely no sense there Abigail… but hey lets go with it!* and to assist me in my new direction if you will, I’ve been relying on two save the day items. Benefits Boi-ing Concealer and the Amazing Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics *yes that is its name* and very apt as both are amazing.


Benefits Boi-ing concealer is marketed as industrial strength and that’s a great way to described it, I think this could cover tattoos if it tried. It’s heavy on pigment but doesn’t cake up or crease on me and I’ve just brought my second pot of this, I wear shade 01, and can see myself buying many more. A staple in my concealer world J

I bought The Amazing Concealer on a whim from Selfridges having not heard much about it. It’s full coverage, waterproof and said to be a “complexion-perfecting, highly-pigmented formula that gives a natural-looking finish and full coverage for everything from dark circles to blemishes.” I couldn’t agree more. It covers everything from redness to them hella eyebags all without being too heavy or cakey.

These two are a match made in heaven as you don’t need too much of either to cover those ‘bits and bobs’ if you will and to give you a more put together even completion. ME BE LOVIN


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