The bronzer for the girl who doesnt DO bronzer!


I’m not a bronzer girl. *she says as she writes a review on a bronzer???* What I mean is that I appreciate bronzer, I own bronzers and I love the look of a tan on OTHER people but i don’t reach for bronzer on the daily myself. It’s a step that I can easily, and more often than not, leave out, mainly because I fear I’ll inevitably end up going overboard *as I do with most things* and get an attack of the Umpa Lumpa variety…not my preferred look.

My relationship with bronzers can be summed up as “mehhhh’ I can take um or leave um. I bet your waiting for me to say “until i discovered this one and it changed my view on bronzers, NEY it changed my view on the WORLD.’ *said in a Jack Black stylie* … No. It wasn’t love at first sight or OMG I must have this, it was more of a “well I’ve never tried any Burberry stuff, might as well…” CLICK add to basket. *ahhh the dangers of Feel Unique*

I went for the Burberry Skin Warm Glow Bronzer in Nude Glow No3 which is something I would never normally pick. If I do pur-chase a bronzer I tend to lean towards more cool tones than warm, we’re talking Benefit’s Hula kinda cool, so this was right out of the ordinary for me * A warm Bronzer..SAY WHATTT* I don’t know what came over me but im glad it did. Initially when I first swatched this though I thought “o bloody hell no, this is wayyy too warm for me, I’ll give it to the sister” *im nice like that* but then I though “ahhh might as well try it out” and im so glad I did! Applied sparingly with a fluffy duo fibre brush around the perimeter of the face and then dusted over the cheeks it warms up my complexion nicely, no streaky umpa lumpa kinda vibes hear it just makes me look “nice” and creates that soft focus kinda look, Like an inbuilt Instagram filter *if ya gets me*

It’s hella pigmented though so go sparingly if you want that natural warmth or use a more dense brush if you want to amp up the tan. Its also heavily scented *think baby powder* but I don’t mind that, especially as it doesn’t hang around when applied.

So the moral of this story… don’t judge a bronzer by its colour… or something like that!



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