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What say you to ANOTHER new series. *hell yea I say* This ones shall be an edit of my favorite product categories. Basically a pick of my fave primers, foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows ect that are currently residing in my makeup draw.

First up in this lil series is my primer edit. 3 of my go to primers of the moment, some oldies repurchased time and time again and some that ive recently come across and wana share with you.

So without further a-do Welcome to the Primer edit:

Smash box primer water

A water primer… SAY WHATTT! Yes my friends I have spent money on a water… to prime *Ridiculous girl I hear you cry* but steady on now it’s not what you’d expect. This is more than just ordinary H20. Its a beautiful spritz that hydrates and adds a little radiance while being packed with electrolytes to nourish and feed the skin hour after hour. It’s free from alcohol, oil and silicone and quickly absorbs leaving my skin feeling comfortable and with a long lasting nourished feeling. It doesn’t break me out either *Yay to that.. Dry girls prone to spottiness REJOICE!!*

I spray liberally after moisturizer, allow it to absorb for a couple of seconds, and then go straight in with foundation. The spritzer is nice and fine as well which I love. I vehemently HATE those ones that just seem to splurt the product at you, soaking in your face in the process, and inevitably ending up in my eye. This primer also seems to keep my foundation from breaking up and splitting half way through the day…winner winner… I’m on my third bottle of this now and its defs a “Holy Grail” LOVES.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

I use this one as more of a foundation oomph’er than a primer per say. What I usually do is add an equal amount of this to foundation to amp up that ‘hello glow’. And ‘hello glow’ does this bring. It adds a lovely radiance without that shiney/oily kinda vibe. It’s brilliantly named as it really does add a sophisticated back lit candle like glow to your base. Like an Instagram filter permanently stuck to you. My favourite way to use this is to add it to matte foundations so you get that smooth canvas and longevity but with added shine from within. A little goes a long way and if I’m feeling dull or mehhh this is what I’ll reach for in an instant!

And Finally we have L’Oreal Top Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

This is the most recent addition to my primer stash and I loves it. To reverberate an overused phrase in the beauty world this really does blur my pores giving my complexion that airbrushed look even before foundation.

I don’t own many ‘smoothing’ primers but this has seriously got me hooked. I first swatched this on the back of my hand and was wowed by how even and smooth my skin looked so I though… I gotta get me some of this. It really does even and hide my pores, not that I struggle tremendously with these but it also fills in my fine lines which I do suffer with *hello age… kindly piss off*. Its got a soft moose like consistency that seriously glides over my face but without balling and going all weird when I buff foundation in over the top. Its comes in a teeny pot but you only need a small amount and I mainly concentrate this in my T zone and at the sides of my nose. Highly recommended and DEFINATLY worth a test when your next in boots… or tescos for that matter.

And that completes my Primer Edit… stay tuned for more folks.

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    Th’tas the best answer of all time! JMHO

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