Pretending to be a cool kid – Lancome Juicy Shakers

P1020215I wish I could say I was one of those cool kids that had a Lancome Juicy tube when I was younger but alas I was not, and im still not, one of them cool kids *plays sad violin* HOWEVAA I can pretend im one by purchasing myself a Juicy shaker, Lancomes newest offering.

These combine a bi-phase mix of nourishing oils and pigment, that once shaken, give a lovely plumping effect and a light wash of colour. If it wasn’t so cringworthy id say these give you kissable lips but that’s just the most ming saying evaaaa so I wont, but these are lovely … and fun, but also fancy at the same time.

There are 14 shades in total including 1 limited edition. I have two shades Boom-meringue, a baby pink, and a Mint to be, the limited edition shade, which is BLUE, bright bloody blue *say whattt*  but when worn you only get a slight wash of pigment similar to a clear gloss, so thankfully you dont you look like a snow queen wanabe Lol’s.  Both of these give a lovely plumping moisturised effect with a hint of pigment, like a gloss/ lip balm hybrid, and all have different scents but with the same sponge like dabber thingy that’s pointed so you can still get a kinda precise application. *Side note- I just applied boom- meringue and then ate a piece of toast and I can still feel it on my lips now so holla to the stick ability #ToastRoadTest*

All in all these are Fun, Fancy and a pleasure to have around… *off she goes to buy more of the collection*

PS: This is what they look like before you get a shakin.. cool ayy 😉



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