I’ve been loving…

P1020269 LLA while back I introduced Abs’s Grabs and that post was basically a collection of my favs and guess what this posts about…yea you’re right its more of my faves! A monthly favorites if you will *a totally new concept to beauty blogging … LOLS * I’ve decided I don’t like the name Abs Grabs any more *#Indecisive* so im going to call this series ‘Ive been lovin’ and so without further a-do ive been LOVIN….

Taupy brown eyes

Simple and quick to chuck on in the morning while still looking chic and like ive made an effort and put though into my look *when I actually haven’t .. ive just spent way too long checking facebook before getting out of bed that morning and need to get ready quick* I’ve been particularly loving  cream formula’s for their ease of application and longevity and I’ve been reaching for Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo 24hr in Leather Effect Creamy Beige 98 (swatch on the left) and Ellis Faas E107 Taupe (swatched right) the most and as you can see they’re near dupes… holla for that!

Simple skincare

I recently wrote about how I had simplified my foundation routine and I’ve now done the same with my skincare. I used to be the kind that would put 2 or 3 serums on, as well an oil and moisturiser but Ive found my skin responds better when I use 1 toner, 1 serum and 1 moisturiser and maybe an oil every now and then when needed and its defiantly improved things. I’ve realised I was overwhelming my skin and needed to calm the jeff down. It’s hard being the magpie I am when I want a little of everything but I’m loving the effects of a more settled complexion… long may it continue.


This is the most surprising of them all as I’m normally a nude girl *Cheeky* I’d say I own my own body weight in nude lip colours, and let me tell you that’s a LOT of nude lip colours 😉 howevs I been reaching for a more bolder option come weekends and currently loving the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet collection particularly 02 Coquelic’oh! which is more an orange’y red. These have such an unusually but amazing formula, like a gel stain that feel super hydrating. They apply really beautifully, layer well and last for ages with no smudging. I’m really feeling orange’y tones at the moment so if you’ve got any recommendation holla and hook a girl up.

And that’s about it, ive of course been loving me a slab of Galaxy chocolate and Harry Potter as well but that goes without saying obs 😉


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