Nails Inc Gel One Coat *Review*

P1020279I love the feel of freshly manicured nails. It gives me the illusion that I have my shit together when in reality I totally don’t. Sadly im on a self-imposed shellac ban at the moment in a bid to strengthen my ‘break all the bloody time’ nails *sad times* but ordinarily shellac would be my lacquer of choice for its chip proof, opaque, always lookin fresh and shiney finish. I go to Lucy’s Hilltop Beauty for mine and she always does an amazing job, but while on this ban ive been searching for an alternative to the long lasting amazeballs-ness that shellac gives me *can you tell I like shellac* but I think I might have found a close match. Nails Inc GEL one coat. I’ve got the shade Knightsbridge Court, a baby moss green colour, and Rose Lane, a really lovely everyday but a bit more chic brown’y nude. Strangely i can only find these at Marks and Sparks but they really do only need one coat to get that opaque shiny finish I crave and they last surprisingly well and dry really quickly, which is probably why I love them so much. I’ve been using OPI’s nail strengthener as a base and topcoat in addition to the colour and im loving the effects. My nails feel strong and beautiful all at the same time #Winning!

I think my next nail related splurge will be one of the newly formulated Chanel Le Vernis Polishes as I hear they’re bring out a gel top coat which I think will be right up my alley… I’ll let you know how I get on when I can get my hands on one… any other recommendations?.. Holla and hook dis chic up.

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