Product empties *What I’ve used up*

P1020342I watch A LOT of ‘Product Empties’ videos on YouTube, they’re one of my favourite types of vids next to monthly favourites. It’s a funny old concept, basically looking though peoples saved up trash to see what they’ve used up and what they thought about a particular product, but for some reason I find them fascinating and because they’ve used up the whole tub/ tube or bottle you can be confident of their opinion as they’ve really put that certain product through its paces in order to finish it. Sooo as I use a crap ton of stuff up ALL THE TIME I thought I’d do an ‘Empties’ post here… enjoy looking through my rubbish LOLS

Hylamide Low Molecular HA Muti-Depth Rehydration Booster 

It took me quite a while to finish this serum, it lasted for agesss, probably because I used it as an every now and then treatment to begin with rather than everyday but I’ve recently been using this morning and night and i can really see a difference! It’s calmed and evened my complexion and floods it with moisture without being thick or heavy. I didn’t like the texture of this to begin with, it’s a very watery gel that sinks in straight away which was weird for me at first because I’m used to the feeling of thicker creams, but once I got used to that I really loved it! It’s hard to describe but I feel like this just rehydrated my face… pure and simple! Nothing fancy or mind blowing but it just got to work and did its job and did it well! It really did feel like it gave me multi depth rehydration and not just the top layers of skin. I learned to really enjoy this and it left my skin feeling clean and not tacky at all! I’ll defiantly repurchase!


Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

You’ll notice a theme here… i like me some re-hydrating products and this toning mist provides just that…long lasting hydration that was a lovely extra step of in my quest for moisture. I got this in a sample bag from cult beauty and it’s a very generous size plus it’s got a really fine mist which I love.. i cannot tell you how much I hate those “mists” that just spit product at your face! They anger me more than is healthy! I’d defiantly consider purchasing the full size of this.. But as it’s a pricey number the fact that it’s sold out at the moment is a good thing!


Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish and Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 

Ahh Liz Earle… you wondrous woman! These are both staples in my collection; and I’m sure in a lot of other peoples as well. They need no introduction and I’ve probably gone through two or three of each of these. I use Cleanse and Polish as a second cleanse for when I’m feeling sensitive and dry at the same time and then I use the spritz on an everyday basis after cleansing, before serum, morning and night. This can calm my completion with ease and I’ve already repurchased the spritz and the cleanser will follow on shortly no doubt! Dependable and comforting, I always like to have one of each in my stash!


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads.

Acid toning is da bomb! It sounds scary to use an ‘acid’ on your skin but mine really loves this step and I’m prone to sensitivity… but also congestion and texture! *my skins so bipolar I know* Acid toners, like these First Aid ones, are used after cleansing before serum. They very gently exfoliate my skin and slough off the dead skin cells *nice* that can build up to cause texture and blocked pores. This also means that those of us prone to breakouts will also really benefit from this step.

I don’t love using harsher acids or a manual scrub all the time so these pre-soaked gentle pads are great for encouraging regular cell turnover, don’t get me wrong they still have a little prickle but I like that because you know they’re working. I really notice a difference when I don’t use an acid in my regime regularly and I really liked these as they’re gentle so don’t leave your face tomato red but they also get shiz done!


Goldfaden MD Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Facial Cleanser

I liked this product but the packing is CRAP! I know I still have a good amount of product left in this tube but I can’t get it out as the pump is awful and I’d have to break the tube to get in! ANNOYING! But the stuff that you can get out is a nice. It’s not my all-time favourite but I liked it. It’s a clear gel cleanser that naturally foams very slightly when massaged in. I thought this was going to dry my skin out at first (as most foaming cleaners do) but this didn’t, it just left my skin feeling thoroughly clean but not tight. I used this as my second cleanse *First cleanse removes make up, second cleanse cleans skin* and I really enjoyed it but the packaging just let it down for me!

And that’s all my recent empties, which means only one thing… more room for new stuff! Yayyyaaa!


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