Younique Products *Review*

P1020382.1Younique products seem to have infiltrated my social media pages like crazy with everyone and there sister selling them *they be everywhere* so when my friend Kate joined Younique i was rather sceptical… intrigued but skeptical. I mean the concept reminds me of those Avon parties from way back when *everyone remembers going to at least one of those and being rather underwhelmed * … but this time there’s an updated online aspect as you purchase all the products online rather than having to host a party at your house! *Well I suppose we all live here on the internet now so it makes sense lol* but even though I was rather skeptical I defiantly wanted to try out the products… I mean its makeup and i wana try ALL the makeups YA KNOW! So i ordered a selection of bits *as you do* and picked up the Moonstruck Addiction Eyeshadow Pallet in No1, the Precision Eyebrow pencil in Medium, the Beach Front Bronzer in Sunset and a Lipstick in Affluent. #HelloSelection

So what did I think to them??.. Well for the most part they’re bloody great, and a couple of them even knocked my seriously spendy items off their top perch! *Who’ed of thought it ayy*

The Eyeshadow pallet : It’s got a great selection of shades with some lush shimmers. The mattes are a little hard to blend, howevs when I patted a shimmer over the top it seemed to help with that and brought the look together.

The Eyebrow pencil : Its super fine, great for filling in those sparse areas and carving out ‘dem brows’. I was a little optimistic shall we say when I ordered the shade medium as I really should of gone for the lighter one but I can make it work as its really easy to use and lasts for agesss without going patchy or crap looking *bonus points for the spooley on the end.. very Anastasia Beverly Hills*

The Lipstick : My favourite two items though have to be the bronzer and the lipstick. The lipstick formula’s beaut, really pigmented and so creamy & moisturising. Im for sure going to be ordering more of these!

The Bronzer : And then there’s the bronzer! The out and out winner of the bunch! It’s a baked formula that reminds me so much of the Hourglass Products *but at nearly half the price and a lot better in my option* It blends like a dream without an orange vibe in sight while giving such a beautiful luminous glow. It’s a lovely neutral bronzer that would suit ANYONE! Gorgeous.. I can’t recommend this enough… im wearing it on the daily at the moment which must mean its love right?? *We’ll be married with 2.4 kids any time now!* The packaging on these isn’t going to win any awards but I can deal with that as all the products lasted well into the day and didn’t go patchy or blahh looking at all! *Bonus*

So all in all a great bunch! Im off to stalk Kates Facebook Page for more products now… and kick myself for ever being skeptical! *Silly Abigail*


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