Hello Summer… Hello Bold Lips!

P1020387That thing over there, behind the rain clouds and the shockingly shit weather, that’s summer… and she’s on her way! I’ve come to realise that spring and summer are my favourite times. I used to think I was a winter and rain kinda girl *relaxing Sundays by the fire while listening to the patter of rain on the window… Mmm* but I’ve come to the conclusion that longer nights, warmer days and sunshine are my jam, plus summer means more hours in the day which means more time to spend with Arthur *bonus*… Im sooo much happier in the spring & summer, warm weather just lifts my mood, it’s like a tonic!

So with these summer vibes comes the want for summer make up OF COURSE and to me that means bold lips! Some would reach for a bright pink here but is say No thankyou! In all my collection of lip colours *and there are a lot * I don’t think I own one pink lipstick. I have every shade of nude possible, a good selection of vampy reds, an even better selection of mauves and the odd brown or plum but pinks need not apply!

My bold lip of choice … and one that screams summer to me?… ORANGE! I love me an orange toned lip and my go to at the moment is Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick in Electric Coral! A straight up, in yo face, orange with a teeny hint of red! There be no bolder shade and I LOVE it! Being a big crayon it’s so easy to apply and lasts foreva but then fades really naturally. So many bold lips are high maintenance but I can apply this in the morning and then if I don’t top it up it just mellows throughout the day until I’m left with a hint of stain! Its not drying a heavy on the lips either… it’s just a joy to wear and my sunny day staple at the moment!

What can I say, I like orange… in both lip colour and pony colour 😉 Smexyy!

P1020390 IMG_6785

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