Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm * Review *

P1020420Lip balm. Is there anything so universally loved than lip balm? EVERYONES used it at some point in their born naturals regardless of age or gender! I use it religiously and have a lip balm breadcrumb trail following me like there’s no tomorrow. They’re in my car, on my desk, in EVERY BAG I OWN, in my bed side table, in ALL my coat pockets and there will most likely be one in my coffin for when I die*even in death I SHALL have hydrated lips*! I didn’t think I had a favorite until I lost it recently and thus discovered just how much I had missed it! Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm you are my jam! I use this morning and night and its sooo luxurious! I mean come on its Clarins and using anything from Clarins makes me feel like a sophisticated wow-man who has her shit together *LITERALLY LOL- Yea right* and this is no exception! It’s thick and moisturising in the best possible way, and just envelopes *descriptive I LIKE IT!* my lips in a comforting barrier with substance. This is no weedy watery lip balm, this is the King of Moisture enriched with essential rose wax and shea butter it can sooth the most Sahara like lips with ease while plumping and adding that juicy glossy look I love while lasting a good while for a balm! Shout out to the packaging as well. If this had been in a pot it would be looking grubby and ming by now but the squeezy tube keeps the product fresh and makes it easy to apply *me like* All in all a great lip balm that offers me real hydration while giving me the illusion I have my life in order… *ha who am I kidding!*

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