Youtube Love!


It’s no secret I love me some YouTube. I stick it on most mornings while Im getting ready and every evening while Im chilling out. IT BE MY JAM! I don’t watch conventional telly anymore, accept Games of Thrones and Geordie Shore *two rather similar shows wouldn’t you say, * but I love me some YouTube. It’s the fact I can immerse myself in all things beauty, makeup and skincare for however long I choose, and the fact that most videos are around the 10-15 minuet mark means I never get bored and instead find myself watching one after the other after the other… and before I know it Im two hours in and ive already made both a Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty order! Its like a black hole that I can easily get sucked into… if black holes were filled with positivity and eyeshadow then bring on the black holes I say!

So as YouTube “enables” me I thought I’d “enable” you and throw some love light on the ‘tubers’ ive been LOVING of late… but be warned all these beauty’s will make you want to buy all the makeups or slay that eyeshadow look!


Michelle from Ready Set Glamour

I could watch her for hours, in fact I have *just re-read that line and hello stalker vibes* what I mean is her back catalogue is amaze… she’s funny, light hearted, doesn’t take herself too seriously which I LOVE and says exactly what we’re all thinking… all while still giving us seriously good words about products and amaze tutorials.

Estee Lalonde

London based Canadian and all round beaut! She offers us REAL make up tutorials, the kind we would actually wear, Hauls that you just know im guna go out and recreate and vlogs that are addictive. Her dog Reggie and partner Aslan *hello coolest name of the century* are so cool, they’re like the coolest family of dreams living in cool London like uber cool people… man I wish I was cool!


Poppies more lifestyle and vlogs on her new’ish’ YouTube channel which joins her amazing blog Shes seriously witty and I could read her writing all day plus food favourites… WHAT A BLOODY GOOD IDEA! I cannot express how yes I am for these! BLOODY GENIUS!

Ive lost a million hours of my life to these people above and its been glorious… i mean who needs to split the atom when you can read an epic blog or watch someone slay an eyeshadow tutorial! Priorities people .. priorities!

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