L’Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara * Review *

P1020432Eye-Lashes! I have um, you have um, we all have um *hopefully*! Some are blessed with lush fluttering long ones, case in point my sister who has lashes so long they seem to touch the sky and others, not so much, like me, I drew the eyelash short straw *PUN INTENDED* and have, what can at best be described as a crap set. They are short, stubbie and grow downwards *just like myself on the whole then.* They seem to be on a lifelong mission to point south… Curlers do an OK job * if you count curling them for 10 seconds max as OK?* and most mascaras try to make them look presentable… they darken them and make them look ‘there’ but it’s a losing battle to be honest! Eyelashes are NOT my redeeming feature *im yet to locate that actually 😉 maybe its my quick wit.. HA NO* I digress… So anything that helps give me MORE in the eyelash department is very welcome indeed and im always on the lookout for a mascara that will do a bit better than its predecessors….Thus leading me to L’Oréal’s  False Lash Superstar. This is a two-step jobie, You apply a white primer first, let it dry, then go in with the black mascara after. These types are not usually my go-to, in fact I actively avoid them. My previous encounters have involved the “primer step” being mainly fibre based and giving me the sensation that im brushing lint onto my eyelashes… never a good look plus when the lint inevitably ends up in my eyeball it causes quiet the discomfort!* I generally swear at this point…* You get the gist that im not IN LOVE with this kind of mascara. Howevs when I saw that that the L’Oreal primer was a cream I though “ello.. whats this? NEWNESS (to me anyway) I’ll give dat a go” * I really need to control this ever present urge… or not*

I didn’t expect much but I like playing with makeup *obs* so had a little dabble, and the results… well they can be summed up as HELLO PONY!!! Im not going to say these make you look like you’re wearing false lashes, because if you want that false lash effect you have to wear false lashes, but these give me my sisters eyelashes… hella good natural lashes! Long, fluttery and with just the right amount of volume..  I am loving it! The effects last really well & it doesn’t crumble off half way through the day #Bonus, The primer is easy to use *doesn’t get in eye… yay for dat* and the mascara is black as black! For best results I wait a moment for the primer to dry and then go in with the mascara and as you can see they give excellent results! A winner, plus with it being L’Oreal you can find this bad boy in nearly every drugstore! RESULT *L’Oreal-1 … Abigail’s southward bound stubbie eyelashes- 0*

(Top two photos are with the Mascara on both eyes and the bottom two photos are with one eye done and the other not)


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