Hey Arthur…

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy/Waz up/ Howdy/ Good day… im Aby, duno if you remember me?  I’ve not frequented this blog in TIME and we’ve not had an Arthur themed post in FOREVERRR! So….Where to start? Well Arthur is still a F**king Legend, still my main man and still awesome.com. He’s a God of the ginger horse variety. (can ya tell I love him)

We started the year great, lots of lessons, feeling good, but then things seemed to nose dive somehow! Duno why, duno where but I got into a bit of a funk riding wise, basically feeling a bit blahh, really doubting myself and not feeling as motivated to ride as much! I don’t know what it was but I was #InAFunk. Im sure this happens to LOADS of peeps from time to time and couple this with a hella busy and stressful work schedule and I was letting my riding take a back seat! Our brilliant yard owner Hellena thankfully kept Arthur ticking over for me and taking him to lots of parties (cross country schooling and jumping *Arths a lucky boy*) so he didn’t lose out just because I was in a funk which was a god send and one less thing to feel guilty about.

Don’t get me wrong I was down most weekends but not doing much of anything, mainly hacking and a bit of schooling… nothing to write home about, but roll on to today, ie the last couple of months, and ive given myself a firm kick up the derriere and we’re back into the swing of things now *Praise Be!* Im feeling a lot more driven and optimistic now! Isn’t it weird how we can get into funks like that and you only realize you were in a funk when you’re no longer in it. *if ya get me*

Anywho we’ve been for a few lessons with my AMAZING instructor Danni recently and picked up where we left off earlier in the year jumping wise which was great. I thought id defiantly be back to poles on the ground again but no, she pushed me and didn’t let me wimp out *my default setting lol* plus we had a go at SHOULDER IN! OMF and G! Its been my aim to start more laterally & sideways stuff with Arth and now we just need to practice practice and practice! I can’t explain to you how much I really value Danni as my instructor! She’s confidence gold and I wouldn’t swap her for the world!

I’ve also been binge watching Horse Hero recently and that’s given me lots a tricks I want I try with Arth. My aim is to improve my position, lower leg security and to start more lateral work (sideways stuff) with him #Goals! Bring on the clinics and lessons *my faves!*

We also had a lovely joint lesson a couple of Fridays ago with Hellena which was brilliant and something id defiantly like to do more of!

And thats me… slightly funking it up but back on track now! *hopefully* and Arthur?… well he’s ALWAYS a Legend!




Sexual Pony!

After my first shoulder in!… i thinks its evident i was pretty amazed at myself!



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