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Im thinking of doing one of these “YouTubers I love” round up posts on a semi reg basis. I can’t commit to regular as ima flake, if you hadn’t already noticed by my sporadic posting… BAD BLOGGER LOLS but lets face it I’ll never be one of those committed perfect bloggers, that just aint guna happen.. cus of … ya know… REAL LIFE!… BUT I do love this when I do it.

One thing I am committed to is my IPad or more accurately Youtube… and I mean DEEPLY COMMITED. I watch A LOT of beauty and skincare vids. They are my happy place and these cool cucumbers below have me binge watching their vids like cray!

Kathleen Lights – here

Im a longtime lover of this ladies channel, she can seriously SLAY an eye look like no tomorrow and I love her fun loving not too serious but amazing vids and tutorials. Her hauls and favorites are HELL YES. She’s like a really good mate accept we’ve never met and she doesn’t know I exist… #StalkerVibes I seriously ADORE her Lip Colab with Ofra- Miami Fever and Im so excited for her very own Nail Polish Launch. I just need to figure out how im going to get them to the UK?

Stephanie Nicole – here

Since finding this lady recently ive BINGE WATCHED nearly all of her videos like a fat fighter let loose on a cake after coming off a diet. I love her straight talking “a spades a spade” style. If somethings good she’ll tell you, if it’s not .. she’ll also tell you.  Her skincare videos are my all-time faves *being the skincare obsessive I am .. obs.* and I’ve made more purchases off her recommendations than any other YouTuber because you really trust her option. She works in the industry so isn’t tied to YouTube for income but she seriously knows her shiz! Im now devouring her back catalogue like no tomorrow and patiently *or not so* waiting for her new uploads! Seriously cannot get enough of this lady J

Tati Westbrook- Glam life Guru – here

I watch her daily uploads like some watch the news, it’s a ritual that’s almost religious in nature. She’s harsh on product and loves a good bargain but also her WTF series (putting super expenny luxury items through the ringer) is addictive… her only criteria is that products need to PERFORM, whether expensive or budge, they need to impress and that’s what I love about her. Price tag be dammed its all about the product and its performance. I just wish I could go shopping at Target or Sephora with her. #Dream

And they’re the people I have been virtually stalking of late… any more I should add to my line up? Holla and hook this girl up.


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