Empties – Skincare and Fragrance

Sup.. fancy another rummaged through my empties… All right then! Grab a cuppa and a snack this be a long one..

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm – here

Cleansers… I got me a lot of cleansers here, Lets start with a stash staple Emma Hardie, I’ve been through a few jars of this gorgeous balm cleanser and i can foresee nay guarantee that i’ll be going through plenty more! I alternate between this and the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm as my preferred make removal step. A brilliant first cleanse that melts makeup and nourishes my skin without leaving a greasy residue. This one also smells gorgeous, absolute LOVE *Believe the hype people, believe it*


The Bodyshop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – here

Also a great first cleanse and another cult classic *I love jumpin on that band wagaon.* Its a lovely light oil that melts makeup while nourishing and makes light work of eye makeup too but doesn’t give me that cloudy half blind vision type thing immediately after. #Bonus. It also emulsify brilliantly, (turns into a milky constancy when you add water,) A lovely oil cleanser that ill defiantly repurchase.


Tata  Harper Refreshing Cleanser – here

I love Tata Harper Products they come highly recommended and I’ve never come across a dud one. I used this one as a morning or second cleanse in the evenings and it gave me a really clean but not stripped feeling *essential for me.* It claims to ‘preserve hydration’ and be good for ‘all skin types especially sensitive skin’ and those prone to eczema and psoriasis while being 100% natural. I can defiantly agree with the moisture maintenance, it’s not going to flood you face with moisture but that’s not its job, its job is to clean your skin without stripping or giving you that tight feeling and it did just that. A lovely cleansers and one i wouldn’t mind having again (in fact I’ve just repurchased) but on the other hand it didn’t rock my world, its lovely but not one I couldn’t live without as its quiet pricey.


Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original Formula – here

I love me some acids. There was an acid in my last empties and im sure there will be an acid in my next. They’ve firmly become a staple in my routine and my skin is SOOO much better for it. They very gently exfoliate and help with skin renewal and as a dry skinned gal prone to congestion I really need that. These were a two-step jobbie, Step 1: Surface Refiner and step 2: Deeper treatment.  I really enjoyed them, they’re effective, didn’t sting me too much and the pads stayed wet right to the last *aint nobody got time for dried pads.* I used both steps morning and night but made sure to wear that SPF during the day *better safe than sorry.* A great acid pad, maybe a bit faffy being a two step system but id defiantly pick them up again.


Hylamide Sensitive Fix – here

This baby deserves a review all on its own, its a gold label staple in my stash and I will never be without it. I actually panic if I don’t have a backup. Its a watery gel constancy serum that instantly, and I mean instantly, calms my cheeks when they decide to play silly buggers and go all red. I also bath any spots or rashes in this magic ointment. It just soothes and repairs any issue I might have, but in a no frills, gets shit done kinda way. Serious holy grail!


Aesop Control Gel- here

Another calmer this time for targeted spot treatment. If I’ve got one of those hideous under the skin bulbous hormonal spots this is what I stick on it. Calming and soothing it helps reduce the size and painfulness of those buggers while ushering them along their healing process. I reapply it throughout the day when needed and it’s defiantly a staple now… I’ve already brought a replacement, theres one in my office and one in my skincare draw now.


Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede– here

And finally a fragrance. I’d say this and Chanel Chance are my signature scents. I’m shockingly shit at describing scents but this ones really lovely. Light, fresh and floral without being too girly or giving me a head ache, It’s a beautifully sophisticated feminine fragrance. *hey I did better at explaining that than I thought.. yay to me* Ive already started on my backup and have the smaller 30ml size in my handbag for out and about I love it that much. I mean you cant go wrong with a bit of Jo Malone in yo life and this is lush.


And that’s my recent empties…  used anything ground breaking lately? Hola and hook a girl up 🙂


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