Eyeshadow Lusting – Viseart Neutral Mattes Review

I go through phases with my makeup collecting *or hording.* Sometimes im feeling a really a full collection, other times I crave a more streamlined selection. At the moment im feeling the later. Fewer products cluttering my draws but those remaining must be of amazing quality and seriously lust worthy…. I blame The Anna Edit and her recent de cluttering vids (here) *they be my weekness* And so Ive followed suit and had another one of my quarterly purges, getting rid of anything ive not reached for in a few months and generally the bits ive fallen out of love with! Howevs there was one pallet that was going NOWHERE and I mean nowhere. It’s the pallet ive been reaching for whenever I fancy an eye look that isn’t just a once over with a cream pot *my regular schedule* and actually incorporates a little crease action *Oo fancy*

Say hello to Visearts Neutral Mattes… a pallet full of the most blendable, creamy, pigmented, bloody beautiful mattes. I reach for this when I want nice easy eyes that still look shit hot *so all the time then*! They’re so easy to use, with a great mix of colours and it feels like this pallet was made for me but initially looking at it its not the most exciting of pallets out there. No shimmer or pops of colour, but when transferred to the eyes any mix of these just make beautiful sexy sophisticated eye looks… and who actually wears that bright blue or shit-be-cray pink you find in some pallets anyway??.

YOU JUST CANT GO WRONG WITH THIS PALLET! It’s the only one ive travelled with lately as every shades is of such amazing quality they’ll never let you down and because they blend so easily and have just the right amount of pigment with no patchiness whatsoever its super quick to make a gorge look. At just over £4.00 per shadow for this standard and quality i think it’s a bloody bargain!!!! And the best part is they have loads of other pallets in the rang meaning more to try YAYY *so much for a streamlined stash*

Grab it here!

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