Brand Review – Burberry

I, like many a cosmetics addict, have a weakness for high end beauty. It’s the allround experience of opening that expensive beautiful packaging, applying the contents, then snapping the compact shut or clicking the lid on a lipstick that just GETS ME GOING! I feel like I have my shit together when I use high end makeup *when I TOTAL don’t*

Howevs, for me, whats inside that expenny packaging must be as equally exceptional. Beautiful packaging just isn’t enough… if what’s inside is a bag of crap then it can foxtrot gently oscar into the sunset thank you very much.

And so as an excuse to buy me some fancy make up, Im thinking of doing a collection of posts where I purchase a number of items from a particular high end brand and give them a little test in the hope of finding some good’uns and weeding out some ‘best missed’… or bags of shiz!

First up Burberry. Can we please take a moment of appreciation for this B-E-A-utiful packaging. Weighted, shiny and gorgeous, I feel fancy just touching this stuff. I’ve used and loved some of their products in the past, see my previous review of their bronzer here, but wanted to try a bit more of their range so duly picked up the following:

Fresh Glow Compact Foundation In Rosy Nude No 31 – here

Light Glow Blush in Tangerine No 6 – here

Eye Colour Cream in Nude Glow No 121 – here

Wet & Dry Silk Shadow Eye Colour in Pale Barley No 102 – here

And finally the Burberry kisses Hydrating Lip Colour in English Rose No 17 – here

Starting with the Foundation, I’d been thinking about getting a powder foundation for a while now to use as extra coverage when setting concealer on blemishes ect but, as is the perils of buying base products online, this was wayyy to dark for me so I used it as a bronzer and it worked ok??.. Not one I’d reach for everyday as it was hella powdery with A LOT of kick up and a weird nappy like scent but it was finely milled with a slight blurring quality so not awful.

The blush was a really lovely peachy pink tone that blended out nicely. It didn’t pack a huge amount of pigment but built up well which I liked as it meant I didn’t go overboard *bonus!* If im going to be picky the packaging is a bit “hurgh????” The actual blush only fills half the pan and its at the back near the mirror which makes it slightly awkward to get at the product. It also comes with an ok brush… not one id use as it’s a weird flat shape and Id prefer it without but its nice and soft.

The cult classic eye shadow in Pale Barley was as amaze as everyone said it would be… a muted brown with a tweensy bit of grey and a gorgeous sheen. It’s a beautiful everyday, all over the lid colour and one I can see myself reaching for on the daily!

The lipstick certainly lived up to its hydrating name… a creamy, really comfortable, beautiful- my lips but better pinky tone, with a tiny hint of plum shade. It gave me a gorgeous plump “juicy” look with a hint of sheen and once that had died down *or been eaten off with whatever i was scoffing more likely* it left a nice little hint of colour behind…. Defiantly one of the winners in the bunch.

Unfortunately the fail of the group was the cream eye colour. It had a really nice bouncy moose texture in the pot, similar to the Chanel cream eye colours, but there just didn’t seem to be much pigment to it at all. More like a really faint glitter sheen that disappeared about an hour after application. I tried it with both my fingers and a variety of brushes but just couldn’t get it to work or show any colour which was a bummer.

And so that’s everything… I’d say the Eyeshadow in Pale Barley and the lipstick were my definite winners with the blush coming in close behind but I can’t see myself reaching for the powder foundation or cream eye colour anytime soon… Hey ya win some ya loose some! Well its makeup so its hardly a “loose” if ya get me, but If there are any ex’penny brands you’d like me try next, hola and I’ll look into them… not that I necessarily NEED more but ya know it for zee blog so its allowed right? 😉

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