Biologique Recherche P50 Review

Skin! It be my most worked upon feature and the area of my body I spend most of my doller on. She’s a mysterious fox is my skin, never really happy and on the verge of Bipolar! I probably get 1 week of the month spot free & the rest is either battling breakouts and congestion or dealing with the war torn remanence of my face and trying to heal it up.

So after a particularly horrid breakout, an all over the face jobby… forhead/cheeks/jaw kinda thing I decided action needed to be taken *my bi monthly resolution* and POST HASTE!

I’d been hearing wonders about Biologique Recherche’s P50, an exfoliating toner that, according to The Skincare Queen aka Caroline Hirons, was “designed to strengthen the epidermis, exfoliate skin, regulate excessive sebum secretion, hydrate the skin, maintain the skin’s pH ect ect” … sounds pretty amaze right? The ‘regulate sebum secretion’ really caught my eye *naturally LOL* But I found It IMPOSIBLE to locate?  It wasn’t sold on Cult Beauty, Space NK, or even the Biologique Recherche website, and none of their facialists were close to my Leicestershire base according to their website. Instead I emailed the company *taking procuring skincare to a whole new level there Abigail*

They emailed me back instructing me to attend one of their stockist, *urrhg hello not everyone lives in central London ya know* or they could do a consultation/ analysis over email if I sent them some images of my skin. *Seemed pretty far fetch just to buy a bloody toner, but then again im up for chatting with any skincare pro who wants to offer me advice or talk about my skin* So I sent over some images and answered their questions on what my concerns were, did I suffer from sensitivity, what my age group was and what my current skincare regime looked like.

They came back with a load of suggestions from their line and I, like the up sellers dream/sucker I am, decided to try a number of the products they recommended.

Today’s review is about their hall mark P50 exfoliating toner. They have a selection of different P50’s in their range and I was matched up to the one that best suited my concerns (sensitive but prone to spots and congestion.) P50W was the chosen baby, said to be milder and for more sensitive skin with Biologique Recherche saying

  • “The Lotion P50W has a gentler approach out of all our Lotions P50’s. Not only does it penetrate the epidermis quite slowly, it was also specifically formulated with arnica for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties to provide a soothing effect on the skin. This mild version is suitable for thinner, reactive and normal Skin Instants®. … Exfoliating lotions speed up the epidermis’ natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis can then fulfil its protective functions completely, enhancing the skin’s self-regeneration potential. The Lotion P50 ritual is a key stage in all Biologique Recherche skin care programmes; it not only exfoliates, but it also purifies, regenerates and maintains the pH of the epidermis.

Sounds great right, but even though P50W is specifically aimed at sensitive skin she still packs a bloody punch! I only use this at night rather than twice a day as its seriously potent and with a good tingle and I built up usage steadily starting with every third night, then did every other night and now I only need to use it 3 to 4 times a week.

After cleansing I soak half a cotton pad with the P50W and then run that over my whole face, concentrating on my problem area’s for congestion *my forehead/jaw/chin.* I even take it over new spots, but avoid open skin, like recently popped spots *nice*.

It tingles on application and turns my face red and splotchy but I ignore that and just continue with my serums and moisturiser *more on those later.* It gets to work over night and the next morning I have a calm, smooth face and with regular use *ive been using these products for nearly 6 months now* I have noticed a MASSIVE change in my skin. My congestion or lumpy bumpy skin has improved dramatically, I only get the odd spot attack now and those painful buggers, *that usually arrive around ‘that lady time,’ are few and far between.*

This really does deserve the hype, it gets to work and has sorted my skin out no end! I LOVE IT! Seriously HOLY GRAIL, ride or die, bloody marvellous. Ive been so impressed ive delved into other products and my routine is nearly exclusively Biologique Recherche now.

Each and every product deserves their own review and those will follow shortly *promise* but I can say that the faff in getting hold of this WAS worth it and its seriously been a game changer in terms of evening my complexion, helping with my congestion and even maintaining moisture levels so im not so dry anymore. All in all a winner winner chicken dinner.

Have you tried any  or anything that’s rocked your world lately? Hola and hook me up with some recommendations.





  1. June 20, 2017 / 7:16 pm

    Hi, I am one of the Biologique Recherché stockest in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire..

    You can come to me, the same protocol is essential to purchase the first time, however once I know your skin it’s much easier to order from me.

    I also do the full face treatment, if you think the lotion p50 has changed a your skin for forever try one of my face treatments..

    • abyandarthur
      November 1, 2017 / 1:52 pm

      Ooo i think i’ll have to make a booking then! x

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