Hiyaaa Loves (waves hand like a loon)…

What do we have here then… well in summary its a beauty and horsey blog. A place to drool over lush worthy beauty items and ramble about my AWESOME horse to my hearts content.

And who am i… well im Aby… make up collector, skincare obsessor and lusher of all tings B-E-A-U-T-Y

And whos Arthur… hes my horse!… “what a beauty and horsey blog, what a weird mix”… i know right… but they be my two loves  *Insert Swoony Emojii*

Together we make Aby & Arthur!… If you wana be knowing more head on over to my first woffle  here

I hope you enjoy reading my lil blog… let the make up and pony rambling commence!

PS wana connect/ strike up a convo/ become my pen pall? Holla at me… abyandarthur@gmail.com ….. we could fall in love… ya never know